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      As that I am a member of the Polish multi-gaming community, I met with a number of comments regarding the game, which in some way it is discouraging most of the users of the game to try this title. Namely, the point is that weapons obscures half of the screen, the models are too great. The second thing is the game modes. So far we have their two. Do you plan to make them more in the future?
      The third thing is a question about forum. Since it is planned Polish language version, do you want to give to the Polish community forum as well or you stay with the English version ?
      It's only fast questions so ^^

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    • I think that weapon size was decreased in the last video (the trailer of the greenlight) so there won't be any problems for the gameplay!
      At the moment we have three game modes: DeathMatch (DM), TeamDM and Capture the Flag but we are planning to create a lot of new game modes! :)
      For now we keep only the english session but if the polish community is big we can create sections only for them, there's no problem :)