Train Escort Gamemode

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    • Train Escort Gamemode

      Hello everyone!

      Today i present you the Train escort gamemode!

      In this gamemode 1 team need to defend the train and the other needs to dont let the train reach the deliver point:

      The train need to reach point A to load the supplies , and team blue (for exemple) need to defend the train
      When the train is already loaded(At point A) the blue team has to defend the team until it reaches the deliver point

      the train only move if the blue team is near the train (or to be more realistic you can add a train driver and if the train driver dies the train stop and another player need to drive the train)

      if the time run over the team Red wins
      if the train reach the deliver point the team Blue wins

      I hope you've enjoyed this idea!
      Have a good development! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: