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    • Gamemodes/Costumization


      I have some ideas and i want to share whit wararm.


      Escort gamemode:
      ---> 1 guy is the VIP and the others cops needs to protect the vip to the safezone , and of course the terrorist need to kill the VIP , and the vip only have a pistol. (i have some maps ideas if you include this gamemode)

      ---> Make a system wnen players can have custom suits , weapon paintjobs , Stickers.

      my idea for this system is make an crate system when the players can win this or make game drops in the final of the match or simply buying whit real money.

      ---> Add too colored names and effects like "banners" to show on game lobbys and in-game TAB. (i made a prototype images of this)

      IMAGE 1:

      IMAGE 2:

      Its all , i hope you like this ideas!

      i have more ideias but im not remember right now but i will make a post here when i know.

      Sorry for my english!

      Bye and good luck!

      :P :P :P :P :P
    • i have another simple but nice idea , try to add death icons on radar when a teammate or a emeny die . i think this is helpful to players.
      and add an interrogation icon , when you listen the footsteps off an enemy appers an interrogation icon on map saying the emeny spot.

      IMAGE 1:

      ---> Add a Rappel system
      --> gliding system--> a systen when you level up you won for exemple a cammo or a redhot--> Skills system , 1 to 1 level you won 1 skill point and you can upgrade your weapon or some skils tools like medic kit lvl 2 for exemple, try to add some MMO things.for now its all i tink.Good Luck.

      :P :P :P :P :P :P

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    • Thank you, we planned to add some MMO features like skills and also some day quests which will give you unique equipment and also experience and money bonus :)

      About the icons in the mini map there won't be any problem to add dead icons, but footsteps are played a lot of time in an FPS, especially in small maps, so I think that we can't create all these icons which, I think, will cover the whole minimap :D
    • You're welcome marf and thanks a lot for the gifts , if you need more ideias you can contact me im a little bit creative , but i will still giving to you more ideas here.

      P.S More ideias.

      Add gadgets
      ---> Gun Drone or Camera Drone to kill or see the enemy
      ---> Termal Vision

      Heist Gamemode , terrorist need to assault 1 bank and go to the scape zone to win , and the cops need to kill all the terrorist.

      I tink the website needs to have more connection whit the game , for exemple you can make a sticker for your gun via website or just to edit the custom layouts of guns and change cammos .

      Im Spamming this Thread whit ideas but if you want i can send you from email or PM

      And i have 1 question , when you realise the open beta? im very excited to play this game

      :P :P :P :P :P

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